AGA CGFM Practice Exams

Supplement your preparation for the CGFM examinations by taking the online CGFM practice examinations. Apply the concepts you’ve learned, identify the areas where you’ll need additional preparation and figure out the pace you'll need to complete the 115-question examination within the allotted time.

There are three practice examinations – each corresponding to an actual CGFM examination. Upon purchasing a CGFM practice exam, you’ll have 12 months of online access to the exam. You can take the practice exam as many times as you want, within this period. Please review the Ordering Information and Policies prior to placing your order.

Important Information:

The CGFM practice examinations are NOT the same as the actual CGFM examinations required for the CGFM certification. Purchasing and using the CGFM practice examinations is NOT a requirement of the CGFM certification and should be not interpreted as a predictor of your performance on the actual CGFM examinations. The questions on the CGFM practice examinations were specifically written for practice; they did not, and will not, appear on any actual CGFM examinations and have not gone through the same level of testing as live CGFM examination questions.

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Practice exams are non-refundable. If you have any questions regarding this product, please contact AGA at 1.800.AGA.7211 or prior to placing your order.

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